What is application modernization?

Application modernization is the process of updating old software with new IT approaches, systems, and fundamentals. Rather than shelving the old software, application modernization provides improvement of many qualities of this application such as efficiency, stability, capabilities, and security, making it suitable for use longer. Thus, it aims to use the advantage of technological innovations with known software by extending the life of the existing software.

Why is application modernization important?

There can be many reasons for companies to use application modernization. Business requirements will evolve and change, the legacy system may not be working optimally, processes may not be in line with the DevOps flow, and the aim to make these easier to manage are just some of the main reasons for application modernization. In addition, new best practices, such as microservice transformations, using in-memory databases, cloud-native layouts, etc., can also be important points of this process. In short, redesigning the aspects of the application that feels deficient with new-generation architectures is the main target.

How can we support you?

Your needs may be about wide range of topics. Quasys Solution Architects support you in assessing the status of your applications and identifying your needs. By providing you with innovative and most optimal approaches for these needs, we ensure that you get the best experience by being with you from start to finish in the process of drawing an end-to-end solution process and meeting these requirements.