DevSecOps is not a product, solution, standard, or “framework”. DevSecOps is a new vision for IT and an operational approach that enables collaboration, communication, and integration between application developers and IT Operations. With this approach, application development and commissioning processes are carried out by considering organizational interactions. Thus, it is ensured that the developed applications are prepared and put into use quickly and easily.

Benefits of DevSecOps:

  • Ability to deploy applications in short periods and intervals with low error rate
  • Minimization of human mistakes
  • Faster resolution of operational problems
  • Quick and automated release of new versions of applications

With our specialized DevSecOps team in QUASYS, a service provider company, we produce solutions for our customers who need to create, manage and monitor their infrastructures and application development processes. First, we build the right DevSecOps strategies that will work for them. We provide the DevSecOps solutions most suitable for the strategies put forward and the consultancy and training services required for commissioning these solutions.

Our consulting model consists of the following basic steps:

  • Evaluation
  • Planning
  • Operating
  • Refinement
  • Quality measurement

We will be with you at every stage of DevSecOps, from the collection of requests from business units to the development, testing, transfer to operation, and management of the application.