Next Generation Security

New technologies bring with them security problems that need to be approached from many different angles. Whereas in the past, traffic flowed in a certain direction and had certain gates, the east-west traffic created by current technologies, the open banking case, and the countless API gates that must be left open have created a world of endless traffic. In addition, storing users' information and controlling their access, secret security, DevOps approaches and legal compliance requirements have led software to be fragmented into highly specialized components. As Quasys, we support you in constructing your security systems by helping you complete these pieces like a jigsaw puzzle, enabling you to build a streamlined and well-designed system.


Kubernetes has become the de-facto standard of the container world. Since its functioning is very different from monolithic legacy systems, if you need to modernize your infrastructures by adapting them to Kubernetes-based solutions to take advantage of its benefits, you can get support from our team of experts to design this process end-to-end and use best-practices in security, scalability, efficiency and many other aspects.

Application Modernization

We can help you make the adjustments you need to your existing applications to adapt to evolving business requirements and design your applications with next-generation approaches based on microservices architecture.


DevSecOps is not a product, solution, standard, or “framework”. DevSecOps is a new vision for IT and an operational approach that enables collaboration, communication, and integration between application developers and IT Operations. With this approach, application development and commissioning processes are carried out by considering organizational interactions. Thus, it is ensured that the developed applications are prepared and put into use quickly and easily.

Benefits of DevSecOps:

  • Ability to deploy applications in short periods and intervals with low error rate
  • Minimization of human mistakes
  • Faster resolution of operational problems
  • Quick and automated release of new versions of applications


Automation solutions that enable you to minimize the workload of your IT teams provide advantages in many areas such as ease of use, reducing costs, minimizing the possibility of error, and obtaining stable solutions. Since all your processes can be integrated with automation solutions, you can achieve a result that cascade and streamline all your processes when possible gains are analyzed.

For any solution you need;