What is Kubernetes?

Kubernetes has become the first choice for container orchestration. In order to effectively benefit from the Kubernetes, you need to build your infrastructure correctly and design this transformation process architecturally. In addition to this, you can get support from our team of experts on many critical issues such as security, scalability and efficiency in Kubernetes.

fun fact

Kubernetes means "captain" in Greek.  Since it is an 8-letter word from K to S, the abbreviation "K8s" is used and in some places you may also come across the abbreviation "kube".

What does Kubernetes offer?

  • It allows you to organize containers on different servers from one place.
  • It allows you to maximize hardware utilization.
  • It checks the state of your applications and supports them to run in the most optimal/healthy state with features such as auto-scaling, auto-restarting and auto-replication.
  • Define your desired parameters and you will be the "captain" for the management of your container automation processes.
  • It helps you plan and automate deployment with automatic rollout and rollback functions.

Kubernetes and Security

It is well known that a new understanding of security is required due to containers and Kubernetes structure where they are orchestrated... Our expert team, which organizes your new security architecture according to the "4C's Cloud Native Security" approach, is with you on this transformation journey with its vast field experience.

We guarantee that the security of your next-generation workloads is architectured, built, and operated correctly by providing end-to-end services from runtime security, vulnerability and compliance, incident management, and Kubernetes control mechanisms to ensure that all necessary points are made perfectly and that they function correctly.

Are you ready for the world of Kubernetes?

We help you add quality, security, speed, efficiency, and agility to your business by managing the digital transformation of your legacy systems. Quasys Kubernetes consultants will be with you from start to finish to integrate your legacy applications designed to work in different environments into Kubernetes environments.