Are you safe?

Security, which is the most important part of every system, is being redefined with the new systems brought by the container world, and it is being reviewed from scratch with new vulnerabilities discovered every day and increasing cyber attack power. No matter how valid the security approach of legacy systems may seem, it is obvious that these legacy systems will not be enough when we take into account that it is estimated that 85% of corporate companies will use container applications by 2025.

What about legacy security applications?

Of course, your first thought might be, "What's wrong with these leading legacy systems?". Initially, with the containerization of the world, these legacy systems can only track packets until they enter the server. IP-based security measures are completely useless against the inevitable east-west traffic brought by scalability and Cloud Native Development. Because they are not designed accordingly, legacy systems does not allow you to observe the flow of the system, nor they provide any information about what is going on inside, paving the way for a malicious code to travel horizontally between different data centers. On the other hand, the new generation firewall software designed for the traffic generated at Layer 7 by taking Cloud Native Development as its center targets exactly the flaws of legacy systems and solves your Firewall needs from end to end and provides one-click deployment.

Quasys is with you for your security

We offer you the best software to ensure your security in many areas including Information and Access Security (PAM, IAM, SSO, MFA), Container Security, Secret Management, Application Security (SAST, IAST, DAST, IaC Sec.). We ensure that your most critical infrastructures are ready - both in terms of security and legal compliance - by tailoring the service we will provide in our security solutions according to your processes, approaches and requests.